February New Mexico Reggae Dancehall Chart



NEW Mexico Reggae Dancehall Charts, February 2002
1 S. Paul & Busta Rhymes Gimme the Remix VP/Atlantic
2 Baby Cham Can't Stop Us Now Mad House
3 Sean Paul Get Busy VP/40/40
4 Ms. Thing Get That Money Mad House
5 Sean Paul Everblazing 40/40
6 Baby Cham Bad Mind Mad House
7 Bounty Killer Raging Strorm 40/40
8 TOK Cree B-Rich
9 J Cute Mad House
10 Elephant Man Give Her It Good 40/40
11 Shocking Murray Woman A Yuh Mi Want Bazooka
12 D. English & Egg Nog Wine Baby Wine 40/40
13 Wayne Marshall Check Yourself 40/40
14 Sean Paul Time After Time B-Rich
15 TOK That Girl 40/40
16 Desperado Wine & Wheel B-Rich
17 Capleton & Military Man No Time 71 Records
18 Monster Twins Gal Wa Tek Yu Man B-Rich
19 Shaggy, S. Paul, B&T Gold Hey Sexy Lady Big Yard
20 Chico Have Your Own Mad House
updated Feb. 19, 2003

SEAN PAUL DOES IT AGAIN!!!! It is February 2003, and SEAN PAUL continues to dominate the NM REGGAE DANCEHALL CHART. While January's #1 "Get Busy" dropped down to #3, Mr."Dutty Cup's" combo with Busta Rhymes has climbed to the top. Yet the man is represented 3 more times on this chart on a variety of riddims, including MASTERPIECE and TAI CHI.

BABY CHAM and mastermind dancehall producer DAVE KELLY are at it again with the smokin' MI NUH KNOW beat. EVERY tune on the riddim made this chart (which I believe is a first)-even from newcomer artists such as Ms.Thing and J. Get this one folks-an absolute must.

The second beat heavily featured this time around is Lenky's MASTERPIECE, as demonstrated by tracks from (the before-mentioned) SEAN PAUL, BOUNTY KILLER, ELEPHANT MAN, TOK, WAYNE MARSHALL, DANNY ENGLISH and EGG NOG. This beat is even being played at local hip-hop sessions, so big up again Mr.Marsden.

Last but not least Richard Browne's TAI CHI has taken control, charting four times, not leaving room for very much else. Rounding out things for the month of February are former toppa-tops SHOCKING MURRAY, CAPLETON and MILITARY MAN, as well as a HUGE combination tune featuring SHAGGY,SEAN PAUL,BRIAN & TONY GOLD and (believe it or not) WILL SMITH.

A whole heap of great stuff is bubbling under as usual. I just got my hands on a German re-make of the Night Nurse riddim, featuring a WICKED re-make of ANTHONY B's "Water Pumpee" alongside Berlin's SEED, which is easily the finest rootical vibes I have come across in a looong time. Also sounding red-hot is a new, heavily-percussive hardcore beat called CLAPPAS. 'Til next month: enjoy the music:



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